Why Sioniq ERP

SIONIQ ERP pushes your business into an ease to use and interactive mode. It is the most efficient and easy to set up a jewellery business management solution available in the market today that can help you run your business seamlessly.

Why choose Sioniq ERP for your Jewellery Business

Business understanding

We understand your business process, our logical and structural understanding of your business process is the foundation of this solution.

Decades of Experience

This platform is a result of in-depth industry research of over 10 years and an understanding of the pain points of the jewelry industry supply chain.

Thorough R&D

A thorough research has led us to nooks and corners of the industry that is likely that many business owners seldom reach.

Advanced Technology

We have invested 10 years to understand your business so that we help you move 10 years ahead in your business.

END-to-end Solution

We provide a solution to every task, from purchase to MIS and schemes to Tally, we have a fix for every aspect of your business.


Our platform makes your business simple and smooth-running. It provides a structural framework to your business putting it into an auto-pilot mode.

Makes you more efficient

Automating business processes and streamlining your day-to-day activities efficiently make you a businessman from a jeweller.

Manages multi stores

With SIONIQ managing multiple stores is a cakewalk. As a business owner, you can take that big lead to expand and grow.

More Profits

Since SIONIQ helps you automate internal processes and be well-organised. It eliminates operational errors and helps you add to your profit margins.

Virtual COO

SIONIQ ERP is your Chief Operations Officer(COO). All your business activities are streamlined and you can avail all business reports at your fingertips.

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